The Witcher 3 and Narrative: Choose-Your-Own-Odyssey

  After finishing up The Witcher 3’s prologue, which covers the relatively small zone of White Orchard, you’re thrown out into the wider world of, according to the wiki, ‘the Continent’, which is sectioned into several kingdoms. Arriving in Velen, riding your immortal dunce of a teleporting horse named Roach beside a gnarled tree that’s… Continue reading The Witcher 3 and Narrative: Choose-Your-Own-Odyssey

Monster Hunter: Solving Monsters (Part 2)

Here’s the next part of my game-theory fanfic on the Monster Hunter series – if you missed the first part, you can read it here or just scroll down a little while. Video games are puzzles at their core. They’re defined by their interactivity, by the agency they provide, by the player’s choice. Some are… Continue reading Monster Hunter: Solving Monsters (Part 2)

Monster Hunter and Progression (Part 1)

With the announcement of Monster Hunter: World at this year’s E3, I wanted to ramble on about Monster Hunter’s design for a while. Even if you don’t know the series at all, or were just intrigued by the E3 trailer, hopefully this will help clarify what makes the series unique and beloved. Monster Hunter (MH),… Continue reading Monster Hunter and Progression (Part 1)