My Favourite Games of 2018

Full of joy and laziness Originally published January 11, 2019 at My Game of the Year: PlayStation VR & Astro Bot: Rescue Mission After years of just reading about it, I finally entered virtual reality in 2018. With the PSVR, I finally learned just how groundbreaking it is. I’m sure there are many reasons why,… Continue reading My Favourite Games of 2018

The Immersive Sim Could Be Endangered

Does Prey’s new expansion Mooncrash spell doom for the beloved genre? Originally published June 30, 2018 on Set on the Talos I in 2035 during an alternative history where John F. Kennedy never died, the Vietnam War never happened and the space race of the 60s played out rapidly on an international scale, Prey is gorgeously… Continue reading The Immersive Sim Could Be Endangered