Sharing the Spotlight: How E3 is Changing in 2019

Battle Royale Originally published June 8, 2019 at In 2019, E3 is slipping. First of all, Sony won’t be at the annual conference for the first time in E3’s history. It won’t be holding an end-of-year PlayStation Experience this year, either (for the second year in a row). Nintendo also won’t be there, though this isn’t… Continue reading Sharing the Spotlight: How E3 is Changing in 2019

Monster Hunter and Progression (Part 1)

With the announcement of Monster Hunter: World at this year’s E3, I wanted to ramble on about Monster Hunter’s design for a while. Even if you don’t know the series at all, or were just intrigued by the E3 trailer, hopefully this will help clarify what makes the series unique and beloved. Monster Hunter (MH),… Continue reading Monster Hunter and Progression (Part 1)