Doublejump Reviews Life is Strange 2 – Episode 1: Roads

Strange times. Originally published 10 October, 2018 at Roads, the first episode of Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange 2, starts off slow and probably won’t grab you as strongly as you’d hope. Though the opening scene means to show ‘the norm’, you won’t find yourself very invested, and even after its story really kicks off, Life is… Continue reading Doublejump Reviews Life is Strange 2 – Episode 1: Roads

A Life is Strange Retrospect-ish

As much as I loved it, I never want to touch the original Life Is Strange again – or maybe I’m just afraid to. For myself at least, Dontnod Entertainment achieved something that’s rare and difficult to do in a video game: crafted a journey that genuinely felt like my own, where the choices I made were mine. It’s the reason I didn’t touch its prequel, Before the Storm: for me, the story was over.