Warrior is a lot like Banshee and that’s a very good thing

Almost three years after Banshee wrapped and we finally have a successor — well, mostly. We’re two episodes in and while Warrior has a whole lot of Banshee in its genes, it stands confidently on its own. Based on a passion project of Bruce Lee’s that never got off the ground, Warrior follows a martial… Continue reading Warrior is a lot like Banshee and that’s a very good thing

How An Awful Movie Helped Revive Mortal Kombat

The movie was a stupid mess – but Mortal Kombat 11 might not exist without it. Originally published March 19, 2019 at Doublejump.co Welcome to Doublejump’s new regular series, Press X To Adapt! Every two weeks, we’ll dive into a game-turned-movie or movie-turned-game to take a look at how it turned out, the differences between the… Continue reading How An Awful Movie Helped Revive Mortal Kombat

Is remaking Avatar: The Last Airbender a good idea?

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix)

Watching the series again, which is maybe my fifth time overall, I still find Avatar: The Last Airbender crazy impressive. I’ll try and dig into it all but as a quick sum-up: the action is stellar (and only gets better over time), the plotting and overarching story progression is exquisite, the character work and relationships… Continue reading Is remaking Avatar: The Last Airbender a good idea?

Doublejump Reviews OlliOlli: Switch Stance

Sticks the (Perfect) Landing Originally published February 14, 2019 at Doublejump.co Although they’re built with the same bones, the two games included in Roll7’s OlliOlli: Switch Stance are – remarkably – very different beasts. Released barely a year apart, both OlliOlli titles are completely distinct, with their own identities that go beyond surface-level differences and reach down into the… Continue reading Doublejump Reviews OlliOlli: Switch Stance

Doublejump Reviews Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2: Rules

The sophomore series reveals a powerful and compelling identity of its own Originally published January 30, 2019 at Doublejump.co The second episode of Life is Strange 2 opens with a recap in the style of a bedtime story. It replaces the two brothers with wolves, their friends and family with other helpful animals and their ‘foes’ with… Continue reading Doublejump Reviews Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2: Rules

22 reasons every game should just be Resident Evil 4 again

Shouldn’t all games be the best they can be? Originally published January 26, 2019 at Doublejump.co The Resident Evil 2 remake is finally out and it’s amazing. Apparently Kingdom Hearts III is pretty baller, too – oh, and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown as well. Do you know what’s even better, since it’s flawless and I can actually afford it, unlike all those games? That’s right:… Continue reading 22 reasons every game should just be Resident Evil 4 again

My Favourite Games of 2018

Full of joy and laziness Originally published January 11, 2019 at Doublejump.co My Game of the Year: PlayStation VR & Astro Bot: Rescue Mission After years of just reading about it, I finally entered virtual reality in 2018. With the PSVR, I finally learned just how groundbreaking it is. I’m sure there are many reasons why,… Continue reading My Favourite Games of 2018

Doublejump Reviews Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With everything for everyone Originally published January 8, 2019 at Doublejump.co Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might look like a remaster but it goes far beyond the basic deluxe treatment. It packs in every character who’s ever been on the roster, almost every stage, it’s filled with more collectibles than ever, includes a wealth of options to… Continue reading Doublejump Reviews Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Doublejump Reviews Screencheat Unplugged

Your new favourite party game? Originally published December 27, 2018 at Doublejump.co Screencheat: Unplugged makes a great first impression. A joyful, goofy, colourful aesthetic and a light, bouncy jazz soundtrack, it’s meant to put you in a good mood. That first chaotic match is the same, immediately full of sudden screams and flailing as the party… Continue reading Doublejump Reviews Screencheat Unplugged

The Life and Death of Rockstar’s Agent

A comprehensive guide to that game Rockstar wants you to forget Originally published December 12, 2018 at Doublejump.co Rockstar Games’ Agent has mercifully come to an end after eleven awkwardly public years of development and speculation. Never heard of it? Vaguely remember the name? Don’t care at all? Either way, you’ve come to the right place as to learn more about the… Continue reading The Life and Death of Rockstar’s Agent