I read Part 6 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ‘Stone Ocean’ and it’s crazy

Talking at people about how incredible JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of my favourite hobbies. I’m not the only one; it’s becoming an international pastime. If you don’t know what JoJo is, stop wasting my time. Get with the program and go watch or read it. I’d put it nicer but it’s your own fault.… Continue reading I read Part 6 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ‘Stone Ocean’ and it’s crazy

Zoids: New Century Was Ahead of It’s Time

I don’t know much about the Zoids franchise other than what I just read on its Wikipedia page: Zoids is a model-kit-based toy line based on animal-based mecha and it’s got five anime series, one of which wasn’t even localised outside Japan (which says a lot about the ongoing state of the franchise). The fifth… Continue reading Zoids: New Century Was Ahead of It’s Time

Doublejump Reviews: Flinthook (on Nintendo Switch)

The Switch's Answer to Spelunky? Originally published July 27, 2018 for Doublejump.co Flinthook makes a strong first impression: a wondrous, endlessly charming intro that sums up our hooded hero’s quest by way of a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s celebratory, cheerful, exciting, with the raddest Genesis-era chiptune I’ve heard this side of the Milky Way. Originally released… Continue reading Doublejump Reviews: Flinthook (on Nintendo Switch)

So I Read: Goblin Slayer (manga)

You know which word I never expected to show up on this blog? ‘Rape’. But you know what the manga Goblin Slayer has a whole lot of? As of writing: Chapter 22 Goblin Slayer appears in Monthly Big Gangan every month, simulpublished in English, and is written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Kousuke Kurose.… Continue reading So I Read: Goblin Slayer (manga)

Review | ‘The Deadly Tower of Monsters’ is A True B-Videogame

The Deadly Tower of Monsters (ACE Team)

I’m not sure there’s a more appropriate theme for a small-team-developed videogame than the B-movie, the iconic film genre that leverages market demand with quick and cheap productions. A genre fostered over decades, B-movies can be (but not always) especially fun films: typically light-hearted or tongue-in-cheek (or not), filled with endearing (or not) moments of… Continue reading Review | ‘The Deadly Tower of Monsters’ is A True B-Videogame

So I Watched | King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

I have a morbid curiosity in failed blockbusters. They’re easy – very easy – to dissect, a guilty pleasure like the movies themselves. Like B-movies, with such low expectations, they’re easy to appreciate and those little things – even tiny, inconsequential things – that are memorable and endearing. (“Better than I expected” is almost my… Continue reading So I Watched | King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

So I Watched: Warcraft (2016)

Warcraft (2016)

Remember the major motion hit Warcraft? From last year? The one with the orcs and, uh, other stuff? No? Warcraft is an amazingly forgettable film. It exemplifies generic Hollywood fantasy. It has its moments, like most films, but otherwise the entire experience of watching it will just fade away, out of your mind and out… Continue reading So I Watched: Warcraft (2016)

REVIEW: Highlander: The American Dream

Published by: IDW Publishing Writer: Brian Ruckley Artist: Andrea Mutti The release of IDW’s Highlander: The American Dream, a five-issue limited comic series that finished in mid-June, was a weird thing for me. Not in the existential way, just a total coincidence: I’d been planning a comic series for essentially my own version of Highlander… Continue reading REVIEW: Highlander: The American Dream