Doublejump Reviews: Flinthook (on Nintendo Switch)

The Switch’s Answer to Spelunky?

Originally published July 27, 2018 for

Flinthook makes a strong first impression: a wondrous, endlessly charming intro that sums up our hooded hero’s quest by way of a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s celebratory, cheerful, exciting, with the raddest Genesis-era chiptune I’ve heard this side of the Milky Way.


Originally released in 2017 and ported to the Nintendo Switch this past March, Tribute Games’ Flinthook is an action-platformer ‘roguelite’ — a cocktail of a roguelike’s permadeath with added progression elements to soften the blow. Playing as the eponymous space-pirate scoundrel Flinthook, the player takes down pirate crews one after another until they either die or defeat the ‘bounty’ (the boss). Since it’s a roguelite, it’s got the expected gameplay loop: play, learn, die, grow, then repeat.

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