Devil May Cry’s Back, Baby

What we know so far about Devil May Cry 5

Originally published July 13, 2018 for

To quote my­ poetry from our pre-E3 Multiplayer featureDevil May Cry is still goddamn radical.

Devil May Cry 5’s announcement at the Xbox E3 Briefing was easily one of the biggest and loudest reveals of this year’s stack of publisher showings, and it was partly because no-one knew quite what it would look like before that lovely trailer. Even if you were certain that an announcement was incoming (with a few vague details leaking about six months beforehand), it was impossible to know exactly what a mainline Devil May Cry sequel would look like in 2018, a decade after Devil May Cry 4 and a few years after Ninja Theory’s divisive reboot.

Would Devil May Cry 5 be something of a budget release, with a more conservative, restrained development? Would the iconic gameplay be overhauled for a modern audience that doesn’t exactly arrive in droves for the character-action genre? Even just in-series, where each entry has been almost completely distinct from the last – new story, new characters (aside from Dante), new weapons, new mechanics, where even the chronology is completely fucked (for the curious, it goes DMC3DMCDMC4DMC2, with DMC5 likely taking place after – yeah, it’s that fucked) – what exactly would a new Devil May Cry be? With a market focused on multiplayer experiences and confoundingly-massive open worlds, does a Devil May Cry sequel even make sense to develop?

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